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Fighting EX Layer Will Have A Beta Next Month!!

Arika’s mysterious fighting game now has an official name, and with it new information about the upcoming title that will available on the Playstation 4!! First and foremost, an official beta has been announced and will be taking place right after the Playstation Experience where a demo version will be available.

The beta, starting on December 11th, will come with 6 characters,including new playable character Shirase shown above, and will run for 2 weeks. This time will be used to test out the online functionality of the game with the developers hoping for feedback during this session.

Game producer Akira Nishitani also talked about some of his goals with the Gougi system as he expressed an interest in adding more down the line to keep the game fresh though he admits things could potential get crazy in the process. We certainly think the Gougi system may be a very enjoyable mechanic and can not wait to get our hands on the beta to try it out!!

Source: Playstation Blog

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