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Fighting EX Layers 1st Year Anniversary Interview Now Available!!

Part 1 of an interview with Fighting EX Layer’s developers for the first year anniversary of Fighting EX Layer is now available in English.

The sit down, which includes Fighting EX Layer’s producer and president of Arika Akira Nishitani, unveils many of the decisions behind the progressive input option, the gougi system, and certain characters buffs and nerfs.

We found the discussion on the progressive input option an interesting one and were surprised to learn that the developers were actually considering it being the actual control scheme of the game:

“It started from an opinion like, “Don’t you wanna stop using these difficult commands? Let’s make a simpler command and make something deeper.” We didn’t want to penalize by choosing the simple command. If Progressive and Classic can do the same thing and Progressive is easier, we thought everyone would accept it.”

The conversation about the gougi deck also unearthed some potential decks one, in particular, that would have added air combos to the game:

“There was a GOUGI which can input jump attack continuously in the air called “Mid-air Chain Combo” for a period of time, and I got a deep impression. Although I knew this was dangerous since the idea came out, I did my best to adjust. But even though I tried hard adjusting, the Infinite occurred. LOL”

They also went into some detail about balancing characters citing a reason for not being so quick to buff or nerf a character after the games initial release:

“It’s not that good to respond immediately to something that has risen to the topic for a while. After it’s settled down, I want to look until it looks like no one can try to compete with it. Those who are using them and making a profit have come to be recognized as strong as a result of their hard work, so I thought it’s not fun to pick up right away.”

The interview definitely gave us some interesting insight into the thought process of the team, and we certainly look forward to part 2 where they go more in depth about the game design choices for characters like Sharon.

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