Fighting Game Wikis/Guides

Wikis are generally a place many of us go to find information on all sorts of things. For fighting game communities, wikis are a must as they carry very in-depth information about system and character details. Here are just a few that I’m aware of.

The Complete Killer Instinct Guide

Created by Infil, this special guide to Killer Instinct covers every aspect of the KI system from beginner to advanced mechanics ensuring that you have a full understanding of how everything works in this title.

From Masher to Master: The Educated Video Game Enthusiast’s Fighting Game Primer

Patrick Miller from SRK wants to help you improve your overall knowledge about fighting games and has created this free to download ebook for those wanting to learn about the art of mastering your favorite fighting game.

SRK Wiki’s list of wikis is pretty extensive as there is information on all of the new fighting games as well as some of the classic titles from the past. It is important to note that not all wikis are complete so don’t be to disappointed if you don’t find much information on the fighting game you’re looking for.

Dream Cancel Wiki

Dream Cancel’s wiki covers a great deal of the King of Fighters series as well as other popular SNK titles.

Mizuumi Wiki

Mizuumi’s website features some very rare and unknown fighting games. The site offers both guides and information on obtaining the games.

Dust Loop Wiki

Dust Loop’s wiki covers a lot of the Arc System Works titles like the more recent Persona 4 arena and the Blazblu fighting games. Many of these wiki’s include frame data information.



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