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GGPO Now Has A Free License!!

If you have been coming to this site long enough, then you are probably very familiar with GGPO. Developed by Tony Cannon(aka Pond3r), GGPO is a special code that uses Roll Back networking. The special code provided by GGPO uses input prediction, and speculative execution to give off the illusion of no lag in online video games.

The goal of GGPO is to give players the closest experience to offline as possible as timings, reactions, and muscle memory play a very pivotal role in improving a players skill level especially when it comes to fighting games something that greatly influenced Tony to create the code in the first place.

Some may be familiar with GGPO as an application that gave users the ability to play a bevy of retro fighting and versus games online. The application was ultimately just a test bed for the code which would later be licensed to any game developer interested in using it for their online multiplayer modes.

Just recently, Tony resurrected the website that housed the application but this time it would be a way to explain GGPO while offering an experimental SDK for developers interested in using the special code in their games.

Up until this time, the GGPO license was available for purchase and was mainly for commercial use but today, all that changed:

Now GGPO is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial games!! With a newly created Github page, interested developers can now grab the SDK for Windows and learn how to implement what many in the fighting game community consider to be an evolutionary way to play fighting games online.

Before GGPO came to be, much of the code in online games, when it came to fighting games specifically, was input delay based. Tony’s efforts has greatly affected the way many developers now implement their code for online play as we have seen many games in this current generation now use Roll Back networking but it still hasn’t gotten the full embrace it deserves.

Hopefully this very generous gesture by Tony will encourage more developers to look into this technology and truly understand its benefits as we move into the next generation of gaming.


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