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Humble Bundle Neo Geo 25th Anniversary Deal Available!!(Update)

Update 12/9/2015 11:27- It has been discovered that certain titles that are available in the humble bundle run on a legal emulator and game rom!! The emulator cannot be played online but the roms can be used with¬†FightCade’s application so take advantage!!

Humble Bundle has just unveiled their 25th Neo Geo Anniversary sale!! Several titles which includes Garou Mark Of The Wolves(not steam version) can be unlocked for just $10 dollars!!

It looks like 2015 is quickly becoming the season to be jolly for fighting gamers!! The sale will last 13 days so don’t delay if you want to take advantage of this incredible deal.

We cannot confirm whether all these titles will be online multiplayer compatible so please just bare this in mind before you purchase. Happy holidays!!!

Proceeds go toward charity organizations so keep that in mind as well!!!

Source: Humble Bundle 

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