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KOFXIV Producer Yasuyuki Oda “Focusing On Quality For Online”

The King Of Fighters XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda has recently done an extensive interview with Famitsu about the future title that is coming to Playstation 4 next year.

While he discusses various topics such as his history with working at SNK, and how the development of KOFXIV started, what really caught our attention was the discussion about what they have planned for online multiplayer support.

“And of course we’re focusing on the quality of online play too.”

Oda goes on to mention what he hopes to bring to the online mode in this latest title.

“Live streaming has become a part of gaming, so we want to throw in some mechanisms that’ll compliment that.”

Oda also talks a little bit about the Party Mode, an online mode that will allow 6 players to team up in a 3 vs 3 match, mentioning an option that he would like to see added in the mode.

“We might change it, but we’re thinking of allowing same characters to be picked, so you can have a match of Kyo-Kyo-Kyo vs Kyo-Kyo-Kyo for example. It’ll be truely chaotic (laughs)”

If everything goes as planned, KOF players will be able to experience spectator matches and an interesting 3 on 3 team battle for the first time on an official game release and that has us pretty excited to say the least!!!

You can read the translated version in its entirety over at the mmcafe. Many thanks to Professor for translating the original interview!!!

Source: Mad Mans Cafe(Professor) via Famitsu

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