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Kombat Cup 2.10 Results!!

Update 4/19/2017 10:04pm EDT- Another incredible week of the Kombat Cup has come to an end. Here are the top 8 results for week 10:

1. EF|SonicFox

2. Noble|iLuusions
3. Semiij
3. STB|deoxys243
5. Yungmonster12
5. Noble Dragon
5. Hara|Rewind

The top 8 showdown for week 10 of season 2’s Kombat Cup is just about to get started!!

With only two more chances left to qualify for the final Kombat Cup, things are definitely heating up!! SonicFox returns this week after being absent from the last two top 8 showdowns. Winning today could bring him closer to the top spot for the season but he will have to go through ex-teammate Dragon who also has the potential of becoming number 1 if he can get the win today.

Semiij, who is sitting comfortably at the number one spot for the season, has also returned this week. He will be going up against the current 8th ranked player of the season Revetleafing who needs every win he can get leading up to final qualifier to remain a contender for the season finale. We definitely recommend you do not miss this match!!

We have provided the stream below and hope that you enjoy this weeks top 8 of Kombat Cup!!


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