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Legend of Raven Aka: Yatagarasu coming to next gen consoles!!

Yatagarasu, originally a fighting game available for PC download, will now be making its way to the next gen platform on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles  going by its new name “Legend of Raven”.  This PC port brought to you by publisher Nicalis will include GGPO’s signature netcode and an enhanced soundtrack. The official website has hinted at the possibility of there being more content but nothing more has been mentioned at the moment.

This news comes with a great deal of questions as the developers Hotapen(3 former SNK Employees) are hard at work on there update titled Attack On Cataclysm. This update was successfully funded through a campaign on indiegogo and plans to add GGPO netcode as well as 3 new characters that were voted on by campaign contributors. The updated version targeted for a release around February of 2014 will be exclusive to the PC. With no word on whether the next gen or vita version will receive this update, one can only speculate as to whether the new version of Yatagarasu will be made available soon after.

At this moment, I am in the midst of playing the game and should have a review available before the end of the month.  There is also a page available on this site with a few details if you care to take a look. So far, I can tell you that  Legend of Raven gives a new school feel to something that is very much an old fashioned sentiment by sticking to classic fighting game mechanics and adding a different experience with the choice of different announcers.

For those that want to check out the trailer you can find it on the official webpage.

Legend of Raven has been given a release date for Winter 2013 so hopefully more detailed information will will be forthcoming in the near future.

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