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Money matching now availbe in SSFIV!!

Combofiend has recently announced the ability to money match players in  SSF4:AE online (Xbox 360, PS3 only) through VirginGaming’s website. For those unfamiliar with money matching, the basic premise is simple. Two opponents make a wager and the winner of the match gets the agreed upon amount once the match is finished.


Money matching is a very big practice amongst fighting game players as it harkens to the old arcade days where you could end up plunking down several quarters into the machine when you go up against a very skilled opponent.  In present day times money matching can be used to help a player take their match more seriously knowing money is on the line if they lose.


Many pro players stand by this way of gaming to improve their skills by enticing big name players to fight against them.  While the sentiment seems pretty well founded, time will tell if this form of gaming will work in the online space. For now, you can put your skills to the test by putting your money up for grabs.

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