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Mortal Kombat Is Now Inducted Into The Video Game Hall Of Fame!!

It would seem that Nether Realms Studios are floating on cloud nine at the moment. Just weeks after releasing the 11th game in the series, the fighting game that brought you bone crunching sound effects, encouraging voices of discourse, and a violent death sequence to add insult to injury at the end of a match has officially been inducted into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame alongside other memorable classics that also weathered the storm in the same vein as the franchise.

Mortal Kombat joins Street Fighter II, which was inducted into the hall of fame back in May of 2017, cementing the obvious hold it had on fighting game enthusiasts who were memorized by its digitized cast members and gruesome mechanics. There is so much history with Mortal Kombat in terms of its involvement in spawning the ESRB ratings for video games due to the concerns of its violent nature or changes made in the series when moving into a new era of 3D accelerated gaming that you really can’t deny it’s place in the timeline of amazing video games so we are happy to finally see the first title in series get its just due.

You can read more about Mortal Kombat and the history of each title leading up to 11 in our 25 anniversary breakdown feature article.

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