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New Fighting EX Layer Footage Released For Russo and Pullum!!

Arika released two new videos featuring gameplay for upcoming free DLC characters Volcano Russo and Pullum Purna:

The videos which run approximately around 2 minutes showcase both characters and the use of different Gougi’s. In the first video we see Pullum utilizing Aggro Gougi, a deck that adds an increase to the damage you create during combos, and greatly favors a more aggressive rush down style of play with Russo using the Juggernaut Gougi a deck that carries the very scary power of Hades an effect that grants the player super armor for the rest of the match. In the second video, we see Pullum using the miracle Gougi which gives the user some huge gains if everything successfully unlocks while Russo is using the Shinobi Gougi a deck we believe will fit his play style very nicely.

It was confirmed that the two are targeted for a release between the end of August and the beginning of September. At the moment, a PlayStation Plus member discount is still available for this title which we certainly recommend you take advantage of while it is still available.


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