Published on December 14th, 2013 | by thec0re3

New online modes announced for Ultra Street Fighter IV!!

Just a few minutes ago Matt Dahlgren, Senior Marketing Manager at Capcom Entertainment, showed off a brand new trailer at Capcom Cup that showed new mechanics and game modes for USF4. Although most of the game mechanics were already revealed there were some reveals about some of the new online modes that would be available.

The new trailer revealed the addition of team elimination and online practice mode. For the first time players will have the opportunity to play a team based 3 vs 3 match up similar to The King of Fighters format. There will also be an online practice mode that will allow players to practice with each other giving folks eager to teach new players or practice certain setups a much friendlier way to do so.

Unfortunately, this reveal did not include the last and final character reveal for USF4 nor did it mention anything about a possible release for next gen consoles.  Though Matt did note that a reveal for the new character would be coming soon, one can only hope that more information will be announced by the end of Capcom Cup so stay tuned as there may be more revealing information to come!!!!

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