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New SNK Title To Be Revealed On September 10th!!

Yesterday SNK, developers of the soon to be released SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, announced their plans to introduce what looks to be a new current gen title next week Monday on September 10th JST.

SNK has created a webpage equipped with a countdown clock and a cryptic message that says: “A new dawn rises…”. we are now left to figure out what this new game announcement will be although we actually had a feeling that is backing up which eludes to Samurai Shodown being brought to a new generation of gamers!!

It would seem the stars have actually aligned for the sword fighting series to return as the franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary with it being 10 years since the last title made an entry in the franchise with Sen AKA Edge Of Destiny, a game that was honestly looked at as a big departure from the series.

While some are hoping for a new Fatal Fury, and are also wondering if the rumors for a second Neo Geo Battle Coliseum were, in fact, more than just a rumor, we are sticking to our guns for the return of Samurai Shodown.

The Samurai Shodown franchise offered a different style of gameplay than your average fighting game taking into consideration the use of weapons which would make stronger attacks more fatal. Couple this with some amazing game mechanics added through each game in the series, and you have a fighting game that is truly unique making it a great choice for a reboot in this modern era of gaming.

The announcement will come right on the heels of the Tokyo Game Show where the new reveal is expected to make an appearance during the PlayStation Lineup Tour scheduled to start @ 18:30 JST   2:30am PDT /5:30am EDT.

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