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New UbiSoft Title For Honor Revealed!!

E3 is underway and as we keep our eyes open for news on the latest fighting games, Ubisoft has triggered our Radar with the just recently unveiled new IP For Honor!!


By the looks of things For Honor looks to be a 4 Vs 4 team based melee combat game that pits warrior such as Knights and Samurais against each other.

While at fist glance the gameplay seemed very reminiscent of the Dynasty Warrior’s style of combat, things changed when players finally met to do battle.

Actions that included parrying attacks and shoulder rushing made for a very exciting exhibition and has left us wondering exactly what Ubisoft has in store for this title.

For Honor will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC

We will be looking for more information about this title which will be playable on the E3 floor room so stay tuned!!

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