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Nintendo Wi-Fi Service Shutting Down Tommorow!

As it was announced earlier in the year, tomorrow, Nintendo’s wi-fi online service will be no longer. Smash Brothers Brawl is amongst the list of games that will no longer have online multi-player support.  There has been no news given about another popular fighting game title Tatsunoko vs Capcom but it is assumed that this game will also be unavailable once the service is shut down some time tonight.

Unfortunately, there is no word on if the WII titles will be supported on the newly formed Nintendo Network a online service that supports WII U and 3DS.

Other games like the recently released Project M, a game mod of Smash Brothers Brawl, which used the WII’s console may be affected but we have been unable to find any up to date news about the games online netplay at this time.

Though this may be the end of another online gaming era, FGO will be providing alternative information about getting online with games like Smash Brothers Brawl and Project M in the near future so all is not lost.


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