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“Out Before EVO” Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Date Announced

Although an announcement was previously made about an arcade release for April of  2014,  community manager  Combofiend posted on his Blog today confirming that a digital download release will be available for consoles soon after.  He also quotes that it will be available “Before EVO!” which is an epic fighting game tournament that takes place in the month of July.  Though there weren’t any new announcements, he did mention there would be new modes and that we should be pleasantly surprised about everything they will be bringing to Ultra.

Just recently, Ultra Street Fighter 4 producer Tomoaki Ayano blogged about an additional mechanic coined delayed standing. The new mechanic will allow you to “alter the timing of your wakeup, making you rise a bit longer then usual”.  This newly revealed mechanic confirms the rumor that a lot of pro players and fans amongst the community have speculated during the time of USF4’s initial reveal.

Other new mechanics that are being added to USF4 include Red Focus, a more defense focus that will allow you to absorb multiple hits at the cost of some meter, and Double Ultra, a mechanic that will allow you the option of choosing both of your characters Ultra’s but will reduce the damage of them.

There have been many teasers as of late like the Hadouken Cabs trailer eluding to USF4 possibly being available as an exclusive on the Next-Gen PS4 console. Ono has also made some comments during the Capcom Cup Asia tournament that new announcements will be available some time this week.

As we await the announcement of the brand new character and the possibility of a next gen console release, Fighting Games Online will keep you updated with any new reveals coming in the following days.

Source: Capcom Unity, Eventhubs


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