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Overdrive Series Finale Results!!

Update 4/26/2017 10:00am EDT –  As we have reached the final chapter of this tournament series, we hope it was an enjoyable one. Here are both the final results of today’s competition and the overall ranking results for the top 8 players of the series:

Week 4 Results:

1. Foo
2. BH|BjornSonOFBear
3. Voguekun
4. Kizzercrate
5. Octo
5. Ukyo Tachibana
7. Native
7. Shinku

Final Series Rankings:

1. BH|BjornSonOfBear 1150pts
2. Voguekun 750pts
3. SUGOI|Munsu 650pts
4. TSB|Mynus 600pts
5. zenzen 530pts
6. doren2k 525pts
6. Octo 525pts
8. Foo 475pts

Additional match breakdowns and ranking results can be found on the official event page.

The final competition for Stream.Me’s online tournament series Overdrive is just about to begin in a few!! Players have been competing in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator for the last 4 weeks vying for chance to win an all expense paid trip to compete at Evolution 2017!!

BjornSonOfBear looks poised to take the entire series as he is leagues ahead in points sitting comfortably in the 1st place position. Even with a defeat today, it looks like BjornSonOfBear will be our ultimate Overdrive series champion as he has taken the last three finals of the competition and is most likely going to do the same today. The only man who could potentially stand in the way of Bjorn’s perfect 4 week run is the 2nd ranked player of the season, Voguekun.

We’ve added the live broadcast below and hope you enjoy the conclusion to Stream.Me’s Overdrive series!!

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