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Panda X Gaming Reveals Plans For Season 2!!

With the first season of Panda X Gaming’s new tournament format now in the books, PxG’s Iredman announced the plans for the next season!!

After receiving feed back on their latest tournament titled PXG Weekly, they have decided to continue this format while making some overall changes to how things will work for the upcoming season.

As before, top finishers will receive panda points for each PXG Weekly but this time the ranking points will go towards qualifying for the season ending PXG Online Championships, a competition that was originally open to any willing participant!

The PXG Online Championships will take the top 16 ranked PXG Weekly competitors and pit them against each other in a round robin style tournament. Top 8 of the round robin point system will then compete in an 8 man bracket tournament to decide the ultimate winner.

As before, the PXG Weekly will be a single elimination tournament but they will increase matches making them 3 out of 5 instead of 2 out of 3. In addition, PXG Weekly will remain free to enter as before!!

So far, the schedule will remain the same as it was before with competitions taking place every Monday at 8:00pm CDT. Unfortunately for Street Fighter X Tekken, their time on the PXG circuit has come and they will no longer be apart of the competition. This decision, no doubt, comes from the low number of entrants that PXG experienced during the first season.

It is confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be making its’ triumphant return. There was also a hint at another fighting game, which is releasing just around the corner in April, possibly becoming apart of the PXG season 2 roster as well but it is still to be determined at this point.

Without a doubt, the new format for season 2 sounds exciting and there are plans to increase content on the website to engage more with the players of PXG as well.

Season 2 is scheduled to start on Monday April 6th at its’ regularly scheduled time and as usual we will be posting when sign-ups are available so stay tuned.

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