PC’s are host to the most open source, community driven, fan boy lovingest, gamers around. As such, an assortment of Fighting Games Online lay before your fingertips awaiting your ambition to play them if you dare to traverse this land full of tweaking and toying to meet your ultimate objective.



As you may already know, many of the games, fighting games specifically, are only compatible with the windows OS system.  What you may not know is there’s a way to run Windows OS on the MAC.  I am personally playing everything on my Mac Book Pro and honestly the games run pretty smoothly. This is impart due to a program that is available on the Mac OSX called Bootcamp. Bootcamp has been available since version 10.5 and can be found in the utility section of your Mac applications.

There are other programs that work with the older version of the MAC OSX(WineHQ,Parallels,and VMware) but I believe they are virtual programs and virtual programs do have latencies that will effect your gameplay. I honestly have not looked into what is available on the Mac Osx in terms of fighting games and netplay but I promise I will in the future.


Survival Kit

I’ve put together a few essentials that you may need in your journey on the PC.





Winrar is a compression program used by many within the PC community. It will compress multiple files into one which makes it easier to download as you only have to get one file.

Often times you’ll find this necessary to use when you’re getting an emulator or application and its ability to uncompress multiple formats (zip,7z, etc..) is why I recommend you get this program if you haven’t already done so.

Winrar Website




Unfortunately, when it comes to the PC, all controllers are not created equal. While the Xbox 360 PC controller is the most compatible choice when it comes to game pads, you will find most controllers will work..most of the time.  For the times when game pads are not compatible, we have Xpadder a program that will map your keyboard keys onto your connected joystick.

Xpadder Website


Joy To Key


Joy To Key is another alternative to mapping out keyboard inputs onto your gamepad. Though I find the Xpadder interface to be a lot more intuitive, Joy To Key isn’t to hard to figure out and you should be able to setup and start playing in no time.

Joy To Key Website

Using a Dual Shock 3 controller

PS3 owners will be happy to know there is a way to not only play your Dual Shock 3 controller on PC but make sure that it is compatible with many of the games on PC!! You just need the USB cord in order to make this work!!

Motion Joy Method

1. Follow Tutorial(Driver installation)

2. Download Better DS3 (For controller configuration)

SCP Method

1. Follow Tutorial

Using a Dual Shock 4 or Dual Sense controller

PS4 and PS5 owners can easily use their controllers with the program below which also makes it easy to connect to Bluetooth if it is available on your PC!

DS4 Windows Website

Virtual Private Networks

Many of the emulators that use netplay require you to connect directly to a player through peer to peer(P2P) using your public ip address.

While it is okay to do this with people you know, it is not recommended you do this with someone you have just met randomly on the internet, so what do you do?

Fortunately, virtual private networks make it so you do not have to use your real public ip address to connect to another player. By using these programs, you can generate a virtual ip address that will keep you protected.


Radmin VPN


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