For those who are noobs to this phenomenon, I will take a moment to explain what emulators are. Emulation is loosely defined as a copycat so to speak. So when I say Emulators, I’m referring to an application that basically mimics an original video game system. There are many Emulators out there which I’m not going to get into, that is what google is for ;P. With most emulators, they require a ROM in order to play. A rom is a copy of an original game. There has been some argument for a long time as to the legal ramifications of game roms. I am not familiar with them but basically the legal sentiment is that if you own an original copy of the game you have the right to play a personal back up of that said game.

Flycast Dojo


PCSX2 (Playstation 2 Emulator)


Dolphin(Wii /GameCube Emulator) 

Demul(Dreamcast/Naomi/Atmoiswave Emulator)



Gens(Sega Genesis Emulator)


M.A.M.E(Arcade Emulator)



EPSXE(Playstation One Emulator)

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