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Compatible Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android

Connection type: Server, P2P

Netcode: Input Delay

If you haven’t been able to guess what legendary system this emulator takes its name after, then you’ve definitely been out of the loop for some time. Epsxe is a  playstation one emulator and like many of the other  emulators available it runs on Kaillera’s plug in.There are a great many fighting game titles which are worth mentioning especially the ones that never made it into the next console generation.


*Because of the legal ramifications for game roms and their use, fightinggamesonline.info will not give information nor host any fighting game roms for download.*

Netplay Guide

Tested Games

Recommended Games

These games run at the proper fps but haven’t been tested online as yet.


Test Play

We tested out Rival Schools ATL–>ORL on Kaillera Server.  While there were a few hiccups during the match, the game ran very well. We were interrupted twice during our sessions but that was almost after 30min+ of gameplay.

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