Known notoriously as the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or its even more infamous acronym, M.A.M.E  is home to a very extensive selection of Classic Arcade Titles that have been directly ported from their physical counter parts. For some time now, M.A.M.E and other emulators like it have added netplay functionality.  This successful endeavor is mainly due in part to a plugin that goes by the name Kaillera  which is a pretty straight forward interface that will have you joining up with other players in no time flat.


*Because of the legal ramifications for game roms and their use, fightinggamesonline.info will not give information nor host any fighting game roms for download.*

M.A.M.E Super Pack

This Super Pack offers versions 0.64 and 119. There are also two different versions for each emulator.  Those titled “server” will connect you to hosting servers that can be found on the internet. The other is titled “P2P” which is used to connect you directly to another player through their IP address.


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