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Persona 4: Arena Ultimax Now Available!! Update!!

*Update* 10:53Pm

SRK is reporting that two of the DLC characters Tohru Adachi and Marie will be free for one week so if you purchased PS4U take advantage before it is too late!!!

*Previous Post*

The update to Persona 4: Arena is now available for digital download and in-store purchase!  PS4AU has increased the roster adding 8 brand new characters(3 DLC) which includes character Sho Minasuki who has two different versions of his character(one with a persona, one without).



The returning cast have not only received balance changes but shadow versions for each character as well. Other new features include lobby mode for multiplayer online(PS3 Only). In this mode you pic an avatar, select a location, and find a room you would like to play in. These rooms are replicated to look like Arcades and allows you to walk around and chat with your avatar while looking for people to play with.


We have created a new page for PS4AU and added it to the Multi section in Consoles. PS4U is available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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