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Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax Open Lobby Qualifier Results!!

The open lobby qualifier has now come to a close with a total 144 entrants and 22 qualifiers(originally was 16) hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the stream!

ANIMEILLUMINATI is calling the world’s Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax players to his online lobby for a competition that will qualify participants to battle in a finals tournament taking place April 14th 8pm JST/7am EST/4am PST!!

Essentially you will compete against random players in the lobby and earn points for a win or a loss(WIN=1, LOSE=-1, IK=+2). Gaining 3 points will qualify you for the final tournament. If your game, jump on the Playstation Network and come to the ANIMEILLUMINATI lobby on PS4U!!

Just keep in mind this competition is open to EVERYONE so you can expect some serious lag matches during the matches. There are planned prizes for finals day but this is still TBD.

ANIMEILLUMANATI is streaming the event on his channel and we’ve added it below. Have fun!


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