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PXG Online Championships 2.4 Top 8 Results!!!

Update 9/13/2016 5:30pm EDT- We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s competition!! Here are the top 8 results:

1. Liquid|Nuckle Du
2. Anbu_Punk
3. -Vagabound-
4. F3|alucarD
5. Smug
5. TakuyaSugi
7. Joey900
7. kof_is_better


Top 8 of PXG Online Championships is just about to get under way.

Hot off of the CPT Online Ranking event, participants Liquid Knuckle Du and runner up Anbu_Punk are back at it looking for more.

As usually, Solid X Panda is bringing you the live broadcast with PXG iRedman giving you the colorful commentary all of which you can enjoy below!!

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