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Rating Found For Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- On PC!!

Neogaf member raven777 has discovered a Korean game rating for Guilty Gear Xrd: -Sign- on the PC!!

As with the upcoming PC release of Blazblue: Chronophantasma Extend, H2 interactive seems to be the publisher behind this title as well.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any real confirmations when it comes to official release dates as of yet. ┬áThis year Arc System Works has been taking an active roll in publishing titles on the popular PC Steam Client.

As the latest leak is revealed, displeasure about the version of Guilty Gear Xrd revealed have been noted among PC fans of the developer.

With the recent announcement of Revelator coming to consoles next year spring, many wonder why the PC is constantly getting left in the dust when it comes to the latest updates in the Arc System Works development cycle.

We will continue to keep you posted on what is to come of this news as things come our way.

Source: NeoGaf

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