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Riot Games “Project L” Finally Revealed!!

It has been 3 years since the acquisition of Rising Thunder developer Radiant Entertainment. For those last 3 years, we always knew that a new title was in development but there was never a word on a release date or even so much as a teaser. Well today, the cat was finally let out the bag albeit a very small bag but quite revealing none the less.(scroll to the 3:16 mark to see the teaser)

Titled Project L,  it would seem that this new fighting games is a part of an anniversary celebration for League of Legends that will release different games featuring the champions of the very popular MOBA title. Champions Ahri and Darius can be seen in the teaser as well as another champion who we could not identify.

We are certainly glad to finally see some visuals for this upcoming title and are excited to see what they have in store as we await an official trailer and additional details!!

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