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Rising Thunder: Community Edition Now Available!!

Rising Thunder has arisen from the dead and is now available and free to play for the masses on PC!! Dubbed as the Community Edition, this revived version of Rising Thunder will feature both local and online modes. The ranked matchmaking mode has been replaced with a casual matchmaking mode which is now available on an open source server.  2 player lobbies are also available as well. This open source server will allow any aspiring Rising Thunder developer to create their own servers to host matches on!

For those interested in all things Rising Thunder, the developers have put together a package which includes videos from early versions of the game, background information about all of the pilots, and concept art just to name a few which you can grab here. We are happy to see Rising Thunder has come back and cannot wait to see what is in store for its future as we have a hunch that some amazing things will come due to the game now being open source for its community.

We have created an official page which includes a link to download Rising Thunder, and our first impressions of this title as well!!

Source: Rising Thunder Reddit Community

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