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Rising Thunder To Return With The Community Edition This January!!

Many may recall Rising Thunder, a free to play fighting game that stopped development back in March of last year after the team got acquired by Riot Gaming creators of the popular League Of Legends MOBA game. Details were pretty sparse but the long and the short was Rising Thunder was to be no more…that was until today when the developers announced they would be bringing the game back from the dead in a way that many fans of game may be very excited with!!

Rising Thunder: The Community Edition is the development team’s special gift for the holidays inspired by fans who wanted to see the return of this title. It will come with local play, the original 6 cast members, and an online mode that will have basic matchmaking features. As the title of this new edition implies, the Rising Thunder community will have the opportunity to be involved in keeping this title alive. The developers will be making it open source to those who want to get involved with making improvements and maintaining a new server.

We are glad to see that this title is making its return as we have seen many people within the fighting game community voice their disappointment in this titles absence. The Rising Thunder development team also hinted that they are still working on something new and that it will be shared when the time is right.

Source: Rising Thunder Reddit

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