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Sagat And G Will Be Playable In Street Fighter V Tomorrow!!!

Street Fighter V producer Ono-san took to the stage to introduce two new trailers and with it a very big surprise:

No one could have imagined that the mysterious “president” known only as G and the emperor of Muay Thai Sagat would share the same stage let alone share the same release date, which, happens to be, technically, today depending on what time zone your in!!

G certainly seems like a very strong character who uses the power of fire in much of his move set….kind of reminds you of a certain Street Fighter character in the past, does it not?

Sagat is definitely packing some interesting moves with his new V-Trigger the 1st of which seems to enhance his special abilities while the second seems to be more up close and personal adding a guard break option that seems to work something similar to Ryu’s denjin style hadouken.

Fortunately, the wait will not be too long as we expect an update around 12:00pm PST!!

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam!!

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