Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection


Developer: Digital Eclipse/SNK

Publisher: SNK

Players: 1-2

Game Style: 2D, 1 vs 1

Game Format: Disc, Digital

Netcode: Roll Back

Available On:

*PS4, and Nintendo Switch version will release on July 28th 


Collection Game List:

  • Samurai Shodown

  • Samurai Shodown II

  • Samurai Shodown III

  • Samurai Shodown IV

  • Samurai Shodown V

  • Samurai Shodown V Special

  • Samurai Shodown V Perfect


Fighting Game Mechanics:

  • Parrying/Deflect(Game specific)

  • Combo Breaker/Burst Defense(Game specific)

  • Dash Attacking(Game  specific)

Online Features:

  • Ranked Match

  • Casual Match

  • Arcade Mode Request



SNK Official Discord

Dream Cancel Discord


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