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Samurai Showdown V Special Is Coming To The Playstation Network!!!!

SNK recently announced on social media that they would be unveiling  “a new classic Neo Geo project” at EVO 2017 well, the cat is out of the bag as Playstation released a new trailer for Samurai Showdown V Special!!!

Based on a tweet last year by Playstation third-party director Gio Corsi, we speculated that this game could potentially be the next classic Neo-Geo title that made its way to the Playstation Network.

Like with the other classic Neo-Geo titles, Code Mystics is once again at the helm for porting this title over to both the Playstation 4 and PS Vita/TV which means we will most likely get the same features that have been available before. So far, all the Neo-Geo ports for the Playstation Network have been cross play and cross buy compatible and we suspect this will also be the case for Samurai Showdown Special as well!

This classic title will be exhibited at the ATLUS/SEGA SNK booth during EVO so make sure that if you are in the house to stop by the booth and play a couple rounds of this great sword fighting classic for us!!

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