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Select Fighting Games Discounted On Humble Bundle!!

Humble Bundle is having a sale at the moment for its Fighting Games on their website! Titled Brawler Sale, many of the latest fighting game titles are on sale. We have provided the titles offered on the site below. Clicking the name of each title will bring you directly to the purchasing page. This sale will soon be over so don’t delay!!


Game Platform Sale Price  Orig Price
 Dragon Ball FighterZ Steam  $35.99  $59.99
 -FighterZ Edition Steam  $56.98  $94.98
 -Ultimate Edition Steam  $65.98 $109.97
 Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Steam $23.99  $39.99
 -Deluxe Steam  $53.88  $69.98
 Street Fighter V Season 1 Pass Steam  $4.99  $9.99
 -Season 2 Pass Steam  $13.39  $19.99
  Injustice 2 Steam  $24.99  $49.99
-Ultimate Edition Steam $39.99 $59.99
 BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Steam  $44.99  $49.99
 Tekken 7 Steam $19.99  $49.99
 -Deluxe Edition Steam  $29.99  $74.99
 Mortal Kombat XL Steam  $9.99  $19.99
 Guilty Gear XRD Revelator Steam  $9.89  $29.99
 -REV 2 upgrade Steam  $9.49  $18.99
 Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Steam  $29.99  $39.99
 Mortal Kombat X Steam  $4.99  $19.99
 Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete Edition Steam  $4.99  $19.99
 Injustice: Gods Among Us Steam  $4.99  $19.99

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