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Skull Girls 2nd Encore+ Now Available!!

It has been a very long road for the original indie fighting game Skull Girls. Developer support is by no means easy in this day and time especially when it comes to fighting games.

Continuous balance changes, additional game features, and controller compatibility are just a few of the challenges that game developers face to keep their game “alive”.

With that being said, Lab Zero has done a phenomenal job at keeping their community happy and yesterday marked another milestone in that effort to do so.

What may be the final big update for SG, titled 2nd Encore+, is now available on all platforms(barring a few international versions) for download.

The latest patch update includes an 8 player cross platform online lobby for both Playstation 4 and Vita/PSTV console, balance changes for the cast, and additional game features for tutorial and game modes.

For detailed information on the latest patch update, you can head to the Skullgirls website here.

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