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SNK Entertainment Reemerges!! (Redacted)

We’ve had to change the context of this post as we received incorrect information earlier.

It has been no secret that SNK Playmore has gone through a great deal of restructuring last year. During this time, we’ve come to understand, somewhat, the goals that Ledo Millenium, a joint venture of two Chinese corporations, have had in mind since their purchase of SNKP last year.

The plan for SNKP’s intellectual properties, that include such franchises as King Of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, and Fatal Fury among others, has been to create an even broader market beyond just console gaming similar to what Marvel has done with their popular IP‘s here in the states.

Besides just jumping into the mobile gaming market, something that SNKP has had a great deal of success with, plans to create more media which includes a new King Of Fighters anime have been in the works for some time now.

Recently, a new website has launched and once again SNKP’s original subsidiary has reemerged to signify its new evolution as SNK Entertainment. While we hope that SNKP’s gaming division, now currently working on King Of Fighters XIV, gets the utmost attention that its long list of classic IPs greatly deserve, we definitely look forward to seeing what they have in store outside of the gaming realm!

Source: Dream Cancel Via  SNK Entertainment 

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