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SNK Looking To Offer Licenses To Their Original IP’s!!

SNK just recently launched a brand new website for their company. At the moment, you can find information on their latest titles both past and present with links to many of their popular franchises giving you a pretty thorough run down for each game.

What has us really intrigued on the website though is the license business section and their interest in sharing their original IP:

“We are always looking to partner with clients that can make the most of these highly respected properties.”

This is not exactly breaking news as we’ve known since the purchase of SNK Playmore that there were plans to take popular IP’s like The King Of Fighters franchise and bring them to other forms of entertainment media like live action and anime.

We know SNK now has a new found commitment to bringing their games back to the forefront but we can’t help but wonder what this new direction of licensing may bring us.

One of the biggest wonders in question is the possibility of another collaboration with Capcom and their beloved fighting game characters. Capcom Vs Snk 2 has been a game of folk lore and to this day has been a very requested title when it comes to both getting a sequel and a remaster.

But that isn’t the only gear that is turning in our head as Capcom isn’t the only kid on the block when it comes to fighting games after all. Arc System Works has shown that their a force to be reckoned with in the fighting game genre.

As both a publisher and a developer they’ve amassed an incredible catalog of fighting game goodness and one would hope that they are salivating over an opportunity to possibly get their hands on a franchise or characters from SNK’s massive catalog.

It may be a very long while before any of this comes to pass but the sky is really the limit for SNK at this point and with the positive reaction that they have been getting from their upcoming title in The King Of Fighters XIV, we may actually be seeing an amazing turn to form for the company and much..much more!

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