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Street Fighter II Gets Inducted Into The Video Game Hall Of Fame!!

The original Street Fighter II Featured 8 Playable Characters

The original Street Fighter II arcade game has officially been inducted as one of 5 titles to the World Video Game Hall Of Fame for 2017! Street Fighter II joins a list of games that have had a very large impact on video game culture in general.

While the first Street Fighter was certainly a hit among arcade goers, it was ultimately Street Fighter II that thrust the series into the pantheon of greatness for years to come. The second title ushered in a great deal of the fundamental concepts for fighting games that we know today which include game controls, character archetypes, and system mechanics.

There are not to many ways you can get your hands on the original Street Fighter II and play it online outside of the FightCade application, but we certainly recommend Super Street Fighter II HD Remix which are available on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and carry the definitive version of the series. There is also Ultra Street Fighter II a new upgrade to the original series which will be releasing on May 26th for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Capcom Via USA Today


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