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Super Smash Bros. Now Available!!

Arguably the most anticipated fighting game this year, Super Smash Bros. is now available!! Just in time for the thanksgiving holiday, SSB has pulled out all of the stops giving you an all star studded cast sure to please Nintendo fans of all ages!

The Online mode in SSB will be cross play compatible with the 3DS which has been available since the beginning of October. So far we know that Smash has two basic modes For Fun, a mode that is up to four players and uses items and can be team based or Free For All and For Glory mode, a 1 vs 1 mode that uses certain stages and is played with items off.

It goes without saying that there seems to be a lot of fun to be had with this new version of smash. We’ve officially added a new page and we’ve also added a new section for the WII U console.  Will be checking the twitterverse to see if there are any interesting streams happening so follow us for the latest info.

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