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Support Fighting Games Online!!

As of today, we are officially making this website ad free(it has been that way for a while now) and asking for help to maintain and upkeep the website through crowdfunding, affiliated links, and donation sources. We do this in short to ensure that the site survives as we move closer to our 6th year of being. While we are still very far from exceeding our hosting data, among other possible fees that may come up in the future, we still are not quite in a space where the site has the monetary means necessary of maintaining itself, and so we are humbly asking for your support.

In return, we are willing to serve you as we always have keeping the site updated with new information and increasing our database of fighting game titles that are available for online play. This is not something we like to admit to but we don’t always have the funds necessary for purchasing new titles nor do we often receive review copies to provide the details on the features available, and while we have done our best to provide that information by other means, there is nothing like having hands on details and providing you with accurate information is very much important to us.

With that being said, we have created a PayPal donation button, and a Patreon page(now located on the right hand side) and we are certainly open to the suggestion of other preferable places that you feel are more adequate or secure. We are an Amazon,GameStop, Humble Bundle, and a Play-Asia affiliate which means anytime you go to these cites from one of our official game pages, a small portion of the sale will come to us.

Whatever you can contribute to the site is more than appreciated as we couldn’t ask for anything more than what you are capable of giving and thank you greatly for it. Our hope is that with your support we can do some give-a-ways, add some incredible features, and devote more time to creating content for the site. Despite what may be happening in our day to day lives just remember that we are still on a mission to bring more players together through online connectivity and we haven’t lost site of that goal. Thanks for your continued support of Fighting Games Online and we appreciate you greatly.


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