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Take A Look At Arika’s Gougi System For Their New Fighting Game!!

Arika’s new title certainly made some waves during EVO 2017 as they brought a new playable build for attendees to enjoy and announced returning cast members. One of the biggest goals for Arika bringing this upcoming fighting game to EVO 2017 was to test out their feature mechanic the Gougi system.

While we did not get to see much of the Gougi system in action, a gameplay manual provided by Arika was available at the event giving us some clues around how this new system will work.

Courtesy of Takayuki Nakayama

From what we have learned so far, players will choose from 5  “decks” each of which carries 5 special “effects” and can be used with any character. Similar to the gem system found in Street Fighter X Tekken, players will have the task of activating these five effects on their deck by meeting a special requirement for each effect.

Courtesy of CPS_IV YouTube channel

Based on each deck we decided to give some quick observations of the possible benefits or drawbacks each one may have:


Juggernaut feels like a pretty balanced deck giving players a little bit of everything when it comes to offense and defense. Its most interesting effect in our opinion is Hades, an effect that grants super armor. Coupled with the speed up effect, I think this would be a grappler’s dream come true as the possibilities for getting in on an opponent become more viable if these effects can be unlocked during the match.


Infinity seems to the most classic choice of the three hearkening back to Street Fighter EX days. As some may already know, EX gave players the ability to cancel supers into other supers and the Infinity deck looks to give you the greatest opportunity to make this happen. Almost all of Infinity’s effects go toward granting the player endless amounts of meter but the Guard Cancel is certainly a nice touch especially when your faced with pressure situations. I imagine characters who are reliant on the use of meter to do major damage will benefit from this deck the most.


As this deck implies, Aggro seems to be designed for the player who enjoys a good rush down. The biggest effect that stands out to us is chip up as it grants the aggressor chip damage. I can imagine this being a good option for players who like to keep the pressure on players with block strings and I also believe it could work wonders for a character who has great setups and good projectiles. The Illusion effect also seems to be another good addition as it can break you out of a damaging combo.


Shinobi is definitely a toss up in my opinion when it comes to potential effectiveness. The ghost effect, while certainly interesting, leaves questions of vulnerability and while having a speed effect and both the guard break and guard cancel are definitely a plus, it is hard to say who will benefit from this deck until we have a full cast to flesh out the possibilities.


Miracle, at least at first glance, seems to be the strongest deck of the 5 as it can release all of the effects at once if you maintain a full super meter for 20 seconds. Of course, we have yet to understand just how much of an importance meter will mean in a match but this certainly looks like it might benefit grappler’s who often use patient play to stalk their opponents.

As you can see, the Gougi system certainly has the potential to provide the type of deep gameplay that fighting game players enjoy. We are hoping that we can get our hands on the beta as a first look could potentially make its way onto our youtube channel soon after.

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