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Team Versus Mode Revealed For Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition!!

It would seem that Street Fighter V will have another new mode to add to its latest update with Arcade Edition!! Team versus mode is making its return to the series and it certainly looks like it will be coming with some new features to add more enjoyment to the experience.

Unlike the original team versus mode introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV, the new team versus mode for now looks to be just a local play feature. Like before, players will have a choice of two formats “elimination” or “best of series” but this time around options are available to make things more interesting. Now players can decide health recovery, V-gauge advantage, and EX Gauge retention for each round.

It is certainly nice to this mode making a return to the series and it should definitely make for fun local gatherings and team tournaments. More information about this mode can be found on the Capcom Unity post.



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