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Team Women Fighters and K’ Showcased In New Trailer!!

The latest King Of Fighters XIV team trailer brings us a two for one as we get closer and closer to the official release date:

King and Mai, both mainstays of the KOF team throughout the series, return and are definitely looking to be a threat in the latest game. We also get an introduction to new character and team member Alice. Rocking a Fatal Fury cap with a Star on the front of her t-shirt similar to the one found on Terry’s jacket, Alice seems to utilize similar attacks from each Team Fatal Fury member!!

..And last but not least Team K’:

K’ and Maxima, who originally were introduced to the series in KOF ’99, are back once again with some slight changes from their previous counterparts. Kula, who officially joined with her teammates in KOF IX, has also returned and has a few new moves to add to her already amazing arsenal.

This officially ends the team trailer countdown and with only 5 more days to go, we are certainly fired up for the release of KOFXIV!

The King Of Fighters XIV releases this Monday on August 23 for the Playstation 4 and we hope to have a review for our readers within a week after it hits selves so stay tuned!!

Source: Atlus

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