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Published on May 26th, 2015 | by thec0re3


Ultra Street Fighter IV Now Available On PS4!! Update!

Update 8:16pm EDT- There seems to be some pretty discouraging news coming from a great deal of the fighting game community. Complaints about input lag have been surfacing  from different pro fighting game players. We can only guess that this problem will be resolved seeing as this is the first day release but we wanted to make people aware of the issue before considering the purchase.

We will definitely update you on any incoming patches once that information becomes available so stay tuned!

Update 4:34pm EDT- We also forgot to mention that the Playstation 3 arcade sticks are compatible with the PS4! For more information, head over to ComboFiend’s Blog

Ultra Street Fighter IV has officially made its’ way to the Playstation 4!! The latest version of USF4 includes all the previous DLC costumes!! It also runs at the full 1080p native resolution @ 60fps making this a vast improvement over the the Playstation 3.

We’ve updated the USF4 page in our multi console section but for those eager to purchase the title, you can head to the PS store now!!

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