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Under Night In-Birth Console Release Announced!!! Update!


More information has been given on the console release for Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late. Famitsu is reporting that UNIB will be available for the Japanese Playstation 3 on July 25.  Arc System works are the publishers that have come on board with French Bread to release the game to home consoles.

They have also revealed the additional character Nanase adding a character profile and screen shots of her in action.  Head over to SRK to see the translation.  In addition to Nanase another character will be revealed before the release resulting in a total of 16 characters for you to choose from!



As stated before in the previous report, there will be an online mode available for the game and Famitsu has also shared some extra details about that. There will be a Ranked match mode allowing you to search for players based on skill, area, and connection strength.

You will also be able to create lobbies through a Player Match Mode but nothing was mentioned about there being more then two players per lobby or a spectator mode. As this is an Arc System collaboration, there is a pretty good chance that the options that are available in their titles will be available in this one.


SRK is reporting that Famitsu, a Japanese video game magazine, has confirmed(in its’ yet to be released issue) that a console release of UNIB will be available in Japan this coming July for the PS3!

Developer French Bread/Ecole software are well known for the popular title Melty Blood which is regarded as an amazing fighting game within the community. UNIB has been released in Japanese Arcades since 2012 seeing many updates since its intial release.


The excitement buzzing around this title is definitely well founded as UNIB is brimming with wonderful animated sprites and musical compositions that rival many of the new fighting game titles available today.



Though there is a very big possibility this may never ship overseas, I’m pretty optimistic that we will at least be able to get our hands on a downloadable  import of the game and am very hopeful about them bringing an official version of UNIB over to the states. The Console port promises to support online multiplayer and are adding an additional character to the release.



Source: SRK via Famitsu

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