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Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Now Available!

Twittersphere has been a buzz with the news of UNIBEL being available for digital download. You can purchase this beautiful fighter on the Japanese PSN network here. Bare in mind that the page is in japanese so you will need a translator to navigate the site. I recommend google chrome as it will automatically give you an option the minute you enter the page.

If you are new to purchasing digital games through the PSN japan website, you can head over to Kotaku for an instructional tutorial here.


The console version of UNIBEL introduces two new characters to the cast totaling out to 16 characters for you to choose form. The physical copy for the game will be available tomorrow(july 24, 2014) and can be purchased through play-asia.

To celebrate this momentous release, FGO has created a new imports section which can be found underneath consoles. We will be updating more information as gamers from the community create content and put up streams for the game through our twitter page. Below, we’ve added an introductory tutorial for the game if you’re interested in learning about the in-game mechanics. Subscribe to Fragarach’s youtube channel for more info.


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