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UNIEL 2V2 Online Tourney #9 Results!!

The tournament has officially come to a close. Here are the top 8 teams for today’s competition.

1.Two Gordeaus 2.0

2.Flying Ladybug

3.Loli Mashinguns

4.Under Night In-Bred

5.Battou Reaper

5.Unwanted GRD Thrust

7.F2P Veil Off

7.Time and Eternity

Unlimited Brett Works is hosting his Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late Online Tourney #9 @5:00 PST/ 8:00 EST.  This time around the competition will be 2 VS 2 so you will need a willing participant to enter this time around.

Once you’ve found a comrade, head over to the challonge website and register here. Make sure to come back to the website 30min before the start of the tournament for check-in.

The tournament will be hosted and streamed on UBW’s twitch channel which we will have below before the competition begins.


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