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Voldo Returns In The Latest Soul Calibur 6 Character Trailer!!

Sporting a little more thread than usual, Voldo has made his imminent return to the stage of history with the latest Soul Calibur 6 trailer:

Voldo has been around from the beginning and is one of the original mainstays of the franchise. Once the guardian of his deceased master’s treasure, Voldo has since then left his eternal position to pursue the sacred weapon Soul Edge after receiving an “order” from his no longer in existence master. We certainly don’t know to what capacity Voldo will show up in this uncovered timeline but he is sure to bring a tough time whenever he does.

He is certainly a character who stands out given his unorthodox fighting style paired with limbs that allow him to attack from pretty long distances making him a very hard character to deal with. Voldo and the aforementioned cast will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on October 19th!!

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