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FGO Update

Hello folks! I just came to the realization that our last post has not been since the beginning of the year and we certainly can’t have that! Even if we don’t post on a regular basis, we are still lurking in the shadows ensuring we’ve added the latest games and updating our current pages as new changes come along. The last few months has definitely reinvigorated the community in more ways than one so I thought now would be a good time to point out a few of our updates and the latest news.

New Games Added

Melty Blood Lumina

Back in December of 2015 we knew that French Bread had something special in the works but it was most likely under wraps due to the original IP that the game is based on. Well the cat finally got let out the bag with a bang and the “newish” game Melty Blood Lumina is finally out there in the wild for players to enjoy.

Sporting that signature sprite animation art style and roll back netcode, you most certainly can’t go wrong with picking this one up especially if you enjoyed Under Night In-Birth. You can head to our official page to get more details on this recently released title.

Guilty Gear Strive

Yes, we know this game has been out for decades now but we still wanted to make mention of it especially if it some how crept past your radar. Improving on the original cell shading technique introduced in Guilty Gear Xrd, Strive is definitely breaking new ground in more ways than one. With a combat system overhaul, the implementation of roll back netcode, and the anime art style that was always synonymous with the franchise, it’s hard not to recommend you take a gander at this beautiful game and its *expletive* blazing sound track! Our official page is up with all the links to purchase the game and more.

Netcode Updates

The King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is finally getting rollback!!

It would seem that SNK saved the best for last. The King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is officially getting roll back netcode!! The beta is now officially underway on steam so if you’re interested in testing out the rollback netcode and giving  some feedback make sure you head to the official announcement page for those details.

Flycast Dojo Now Has Rollback Netcode!!

For years gamers have wanted to experience Rollback netcode in legendary fighting game titles like Capcom Vs Snk 2, Soul Calibur 2, and Power Stone. Well that day has finally come!!!  Flying head creator of Flycast  has added GGPO to his popular  Dreamcast, Naomi, and Atomiswave emulator which means every game that is available via the FightCade  application now has roll back netplay!!!

For those not familiar with Flycast Dojo, it’s a modified version of Flycast created by Blueminder used to work specifically with FightCade but can be used as a standalone emulator as well. Currently, it is still in it’s early testing stages so  a few kinks still need ironing out but this is definitely a huge deal for fighting game players who enjoyed this era of fighting game greatness.

If you’ve ever wanted to play titles like Hokuto No Ken, The King Of Fighters XI, or Project Justice, then now is definitely the time to jump in if there ever was a time. You can either go directly on FightCade for match making or use the P2P through the Flycast Dojo stand alone emulator. Either way, rollback is officially here!!

So that is all there is for the current updates. We most likely won’t have any new updates until early next year when The King Of Fighters XV officially releases but of course you never know what earth shattering news may just occur from now until the end of the year so definitely stay tuned!


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