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Overdrive Series 2 Finale Results!!

Update 06/28/2017 12:23pm EDT- The 2nd Overdrive series has officially come to its conclusion. We have added the final results of today’s competition and the over series results below:

Week 4 Results

1. Xcel|BjornSonOfBear
2. FF|ElvenShadow
3. Mr. K
4. StAr|TeddyTreebark
5. Bertforce
5. TSB|Sway
7. doren2k
7. tenpai!!

Final Series Results

1. Xcel|BjornSonOfBear 1200pts
2. FF|ElvenShadow 1000
3. SUGOI|Munsu 650
4. TSB|Mynus 450
5. Minuteman64 425
5. Herja 425
7. Mr. K 400
7. TSB|Sway 400

The last top 8 for the 2nd Overdrive series is about to start in a few.

For 4 weeks, players have been competing online in the latest Guilty Gear Xrd offering Rev 2 attempting to make top 8 each week to earn ranking points.

BjronSonOfBear has once again solidified his spot a top the leader board earning his all expensive paid trip to CEOtaku which will be taking place in September!! All that’s left is complete domination as Bears attempts to make a perfect sweep in the series. Bears biggest rival of the series Elven Shadow has also returned and we are anticipating a grand finale between the two.

We’ve added the live broadcast below and hope you enjoy the conclusion of the 2nd Overdrive Series!!

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