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Road To Skullgirls: Defend The North Results!!

Update 7/9/2017 12:01am EDT: The first Road To Skullgirls is officially in the books. Don’t for Defend The North is taking place in just a few weeks starting July 30th. Head to their webpage for more details. Here are the top 8 results of today’s event:
1. Cloud
2. Rabbleflaggers
3. keninblack
4. FuLLBLeeD
5. ShadeMoneh
5. Matlok Holmes
7. Kai
7. NB|Sunset Radiance

Road To Skullgirls Defend The North edition is just about to get started!!

The Skullgirls Tour is getting ready to start their new season this month and as a way to bring awareness to the upcoming events on the circuit ,Skull Gilrs Tour will be hosting a new online series titled Road To Skullgirls. Today’s event will be in preparation for Defend The North, a fighting game tournament taking place in White Plains, New York July 28th-30th!!

A $300 dollar prize bonus will be up for grabs and from the looks of things competition will certainly be fierce!! We have added the stream below for your viewing pleasure and we hope that you enjoy the tournament.

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